Willlinger Duo: Call for Scores

  •  Brothers Elisha Willinger (clarinet) and Lior Willinger (piano) strive to reimagine the clarinet and piano ensemble’s possibilities. 


  • Selected composers will have the opportunity to write us a clarinet and piano piece. Winners will have their piece professionally recorded and they will receive multiple performances of their work. 

  • The Willinger Duo is committed to diversity, inclusion, and equity. The Duo seeks to contribute to the canon of clarinet and piano repertoire by ALAANA (African/Black, Latinx, Asian/South Asian, Arab/Middle Eastern, and Native American), women, and gender non-conforming composers and highly encourages submissions from those communities.


  • No age limit and one submission is permitted.


  • Selected composers will be notified by July 1st, 2020. 

  • Recordings of the selected works will be prominently featured on various media channels, and composers must consent for us to release the recordings.


1. Contact information: name, email address, phone number, and website (if applicable)

2. Score submission of a piece of your choosing (any instrumentation)

3. Any recording of the same piece already made may be attached or included, MIDI realization is acceptable

For more information about Elisha, visit his website at elishawillinger.com  

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